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Our Fall 2019 Accelerator – Here’s What You Need To Know

Apply for September 2019


Our Experience:

    • 4 year track record of success
    • 11 batches graduated, 90+ alumnae
    • $50 million + raised.  3 high profile exits.
  • Rated “Exceeds Expectations” by 90% of our alumnae in a post program anonymous survey.

Program Benefits:

Our 12 month program includes:

  • A 2 week Silicon Valley immersion (September 7-20th, 2019) in residence at Women’s Startup Lab’s exclusive Hito House (our female founder retreat in the heart of Silicon Valley) (room and board included)
  • A post-immersion monthly coaching call
  • A 3 day Alumni Reunion
  • The ability to stay at Hito House for up to 14 days throughout the year for post-program funding activities
  • Free services from our partners (web services, email marketing, SMTP and more)
  • The opportunity to attend exclusive investor events and workshops
  • The change to re-engage! – Join any accelerator that we hold throughout the year (generally held twice a year)
  • The potential for introductions from our team for investor meetings and pitches (based upon your startup’s readiness for funding)

Program Curriculum Overview:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 360° assessment by advisor committee
  • 120 hours of personalized and interactive training
  • Startup development and strategy sessions
  • Funding strategy and negotiation sessions
  • Lead generation
  • Pitch preparation

Fees/Exchange Agreement:

We are a mission driven organization, seeking to build the future together.  In exchange for your participation in our accelerator, we ask you to “pay it forward” through:

1. An equity grant to Women’s Startup Lab of 3%.  This will be used as follows:

  • 1% – Scholarship Fund
  • 1% – Fund to invest in female led startups
  • 1% – WSLab Operations

2. A $2,700 administrative fee.

3. Be the Hito – Be a role model.  Give back when you can.  Be a mentor and advisor, and even an investor!