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Meet Your Champions

Tap into our network of industry influencers, advisors and mentors.

Here are a few of the influencers and investors who are committed to your success at Women’s Startup Lab.

Cheryl Thomas
Cheryl ThomasVP Software Engineering Operations at Apple, Inc.
Phil Libin
Phil LibinCo-founder and CEO of All Turtles, senior advisor at General Catalyst, co-founder and former CEO of Evernote
“I enjoy teaching and learning from WSLab’s participants.”
Mariam Naficy
Mariam NaficyFounder & CEO at Minted, Board Member at Yelp
Fran Maier
Fran MaierCo-founder at & TRUSTe
”WSLab provides the boost, encouragement, and confidence women need.“
Chris Yeh
Chris YehFormer CEO, Ustream, Startup Education, Wasabi Ventures, Instructor at Stanford University
“It’s important and believe in this.”
Bill Reichert
Bill ReichertManaging Director at Garage Technology Ventures
“I’ve seen magic happen here over and over again with founders. Amazing!”
Joff Redfern
Joff RedfernVP of Product at LinkedIn
“Working at LinkedIn, I know connections are EVERYTHING.”
Trish Costello
Trish CostelloCEO & Founder at Portfolia, CEO at Emeritus, co-founder at Kaeffman Fellow
Maya Bisineer
Maya BisineerVP of Product at SheKnows Media, 500 Alumn
“We need critical change, and I’m in it with WSLab to make that happen.”
Jory Des Jardins
Jory Des JardinsCo-Founder at Emeritus, co-founder & president at BlogHer, Board member & Advisor at SheWorx, Advisor at PracticalVR Inc.,
Adam Quinton
Adam QuintonFounder & CEO at Lucas Point Ventures
“Investing in women generates higher returns – that’s just smart business.!”
Pascal Finette
Pascal FinetteVP of Startup Solutions, Entrepreneurship Chair and Global Evangelist at Singularity University, Former Office of the chair at Mozilla Labs, Former Portfolio Manager at
Lori Nishiura Mackenzie
Lori Nishiura MackenzieExecutive Director of Stanford University's Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Former Consultant at eBay, CafePress, PayPal and Procter & Gamble
Mari Baker
Mari BakerFormer President at BabyCenter, EIR at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Senior VP at Intuit
”We need WSLab to create a culture shift.“
Neil Sequeira
Neil SequeiraCo-Founder & Managing Director at Defy Partners, Board Member at the Honest Company, NatureBox, Elemental Technologies, Highwinds and Virtue Inc.
Steve Fram
Steve FramFounder and CTO at Caring, Inc.
“I enjoy mentoring the amazing female founders at WSLab.”
David Bland
David BlandFounder & CEO at PRECOIL
“There is something very special about this place – I’ve witnessed the transformations!”
Alex Cowan
Alex CowanSerial Founder, VC at Synapse Partners
“I knew supporting WSLab was the right thing to do from the very start!”
Bill Tobin
Bill TobinEntrepreneur, Team Development Specialist at Kauffman Fellow
“This is a dynamic organization for change. I’m very happy to be involved.”
Pamela York
Pamela YorkEntrepreneur, Founder Atasj Ventures, Angel Investor
Bill Joos
Bill JoosStory development and presentation coach
“I love working with the smart, ambitious women at WSLab.”
Alisa Won
Alisa WonPartner at Sideman & Bancroft LLP and Winston & Strawn LLP
Lynn Nichols
Lynn Nichols Assistant Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley & Harvard University, Lecturer at Stanford University, Naming & Branding Expert
Saijyou Hiroshi
Saijyou HiroshiCEO at Yamaha Motor Ventures
“It’s impressive the number of supportive and caring people.”
Richard Dasher
Richard DasherVenture Advisor, Professor at Stanford University
“I’ve watched WSLab grow and am 100% invested in their mission.”
Ian McFarland
Ian McFarlandFounder & Chairman at Neo Innovation, Inc; CTO at Digital Garage
“I’ve worked with so many awesome female founders at WSLab. It’s a no brainer to be involved with this.”
David Hopkins
David HopkinsAdvisor to Early Stage Ventures and Angel Investor
“WSLab is leading a revolution by helping founders become great in business.”
Melissa Jones Briggs
Melissa Jones BriggsConsultant at Design Lead, Lecturer in Organizational Behavior on faculty at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, Board of Directors at Youth in Arts
Allen Miner
Allen MinerChairman and CEO at SunBridge Venture, Former President at Oracle Japan
“This is important work – for my daughter and the world!”

It was impressive to get such a dynamic group of speakers and see everyone’s perspective. It was eye-opening!

— Esther Babb, Senior Business Analyst at Citadel LLC