Welcome To Our Blog – A Letter from CEO & Founder, Ari Horie

Dear Founders,

You’ve launched your startup, and now your concept is real and full of future potential. That potential is so big that it may even scare you and yet it’s the most invigorating feeling you’ve ever known. You know you must get there, but it’s not easy.

From the most menial task to the really challenging like going to get your funding, it’s all on you.


What is one of the most important things you’ve learned about that journey to greater success?  

You cannot do it alone.

You have supportive advisors and an awesome team, but at times you feel like it’s just you alone holding up the world.

So what can make that different?  

Having a different type of tribe and that is what Women’s Startup Lab is all about.  

Our alumnae network is deeply connected to you and will stand by your side throughout your success for years to come.  

Our advisors and influencers will be there for and with you. They’re not just in it for their own ROI.  Both they and we are committed to you and inspired by you as an agent of change and a source of transforming society.

As you win, we win.

Is this journey going to be hard?

Yes, hard but exhilarating. When you come to Women’s Startup Lab, we’ll be with you now and throughout.  So go wild, be bold, swing hard. If you fall, I know you’ll get up, because it’s in your DNA. If it weren’t you wouldn’t be here – but you are, because you are that bold, courageous entrepreneur!

We need you. The future depends on you.  Like the many brave women who came before us and made the difference for us, now it’s your time! This is your moment to do it!  

Let’s create the world together.

With our powerful community and proven methodology, we know that we can accelerate your growth and speed your journey.  

Come join our network of powerful founders, advisors, and influencers.  

It’s time to achieve your bold future and do your unthinkable.

We look forward to joining you on the most exciting ride of your life,

Ari Horie

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