Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is an intensive and interactive learning lab for startup founders to develop the skills and competencies needed to be effective leaders/founders. Gain essential knowledge from the Valley’s most renowned consultants and workshop leaders offering the “how-to’s” of developing successful startups.

Serious Startup Training for Serious Founders

Community and Collaborative Learning is the philosophy of the Lab’s workshop design. You’ll be teamed up with other founders to work on homework and lesson materials as you apply these to your startup. This collective skill sharing and collaborative environment helps founders deepen their learning experience, while further developing a network that often can provide “key turnaround” introductions and referrals in the Valley.

Open for awesome women & men

Startup Trainers with Real Experience

The Lab is led by a team of Silicon Valley’s most renowned consultants and experts! They have been advising over 20K startups, training at other accelerator programs and are authors of books based on their experiences of working directly with the Valley’s most successful startups. These are not “out of the text book” lessons, but lessons based on real experiences.

You learn & grow from their insights while teaming with fellow founders for a deeper learning experience – all to help your startup to succeed! Click 'Learn More' to see our leader bios.

Our Workshops are Packaged into Three Key Themes.

‘Life’s a Pitch! Prepare for winning investor meetings’. An integrated building block course with 6 sessions, lead by Bill Joos. Make every investor or customer meeting the best it can be.

’Invest in Founder’. 6 dynamic topics are covered: voice power, building a winning team, media training, presentation skills, innovation as a skill, and managing virtual teams. Become a more effective founder by investing in you!

‘Grow your Startup’. 7 ’how to’ subjects which will help you get faster results. Social media to build an online community, essential sales techniques to close deals, lean marketing strategy, lean startup training, UI/UX design, IP Strategy and Valuation/Financial modeling.