Founder’s Circle Accelerator  – Accelerate your success!

Apply:     Applications now open for Winter 2015


Starts:      February 2015 for 3 months

Content:   Team of Rock Star female founders, education, passion, tough-love, mentorship, training, vitamins and funding!  Everyone invests in YOU!

Your Job:   Invest in yourself, focus on growth, be open &  coachable… are making a difference in the World!

Magic Happens “Hito” rule:  Success and acceleration comes from more than you alone. It comes from your “community” of extraordinary like-minded founders partnering to resolve your concerns, powerfully networking to expand your startup, knowing you have support so you can continue to move forward with your dream when you are down, and learning about things that you didn’t know…that  you didn’t know!

What you GET!

Build a power network of the Silicon Valley’s Who’s Who
Receive personal mentoring from VCs, Angels and Serial Startup Founders
Develop deep relationships with a cohort of rock star female founders
Learn how to identify key investors and fine-tune your strategy for securing seed money
Get professional leadership coaching to maximize results as a powerful startup founder
Prep for funding activity, gain solid pitching skills, learn to manage relationship with investors
Create financial, product, and marketing strategies to execute
Incubation Office Space for you and your team

Women’s Startup Lab Circle of Successful Alumni Startups


Cognea – Acquired by IBM
Swing By Swing – Acquired by Back9 Media
Red Clay, Cruzin, PlayList and more, successfully raised funding.
Stylend – Accepted into Y-Combinator


Program Recap

Cost of Program:  $5,500 plus 3% equity  (other options, including all cash, can be discussed)

Seed fund:  Limited availability $25K – $100K, determined by business assessment with WSLab sponsors & investors

Scholarships:  Some scholarships are available in exchange for equity

*Your final package will be determined after an interview and acceptance into the program based on your goals, stage, and needs.

Who We Look for?

  • Women-Led Startups (male co-founder/team is welcome!)
  • Funding Ready Startup – Focused on funding with enough attraction, some revenue, customers, got POC done.
  • Early Stage Startup – working on validation, got great idea, team, needing to gain more traction
  • Key Founder Element – Strong desire to succeed, work collaboratively with other rock star founders, social skills to expand and nurture the community of advisors and investors relationship as a WSL member. Open to advice & coaching.

Program Contents:

  • Skills Development Curriculum -  taught by the Silicon Valley’s most “in-demand” startup instructors
    • Funding Module:  Funding & Pitch Prep curriculum & training
    • Founder & Leadership Development Module:  Gain knowledge & skills to run a fast-pace, ever bootstrapping, high-stress startup effectively
    • Product & Startup Development Module: Lean, Design thinking, Marketing, Financial, Product Strategy and Legally support
  • Incubating office space for you and your team to work in (All startups with at least one co-founder are welcome)
  • Rock Star founders’ collaborative session with professional coach’s facilitation.
  • Advisor/Mentor sessions available
  • How-To Lunch Workshop (Thursdays)  – specific topic i.e. fund raise through AngelList Networking and relationship management training
  • High Profile evening speaker event & personal introduction of WSLab founders
  • WSLab’s networking VIP events  (VC, Angels, Advisors, Mentors, Alumni)
  • The pitch event finale! (Spring 2015)


What’s beyond the 3 month Accelerator!!!

Ongoing support from your WSLab Community

  • Connect with advisors and investor’s at the invite-only social event of WSLab
  • Continued support and referral for founders
  • Attend continuous courses over 9 months that fit the stage you are in
  • Continuous relationship and networking development among your cohort founders
  • PR opportunity as a role model and feature female founder from WSLab
  • Opportunity to give back as a mentor, presenter/speaker, and panelist at selected programs and conferences

Testimonials from WSLab founders:

“WSLab is like founder insurance…when you need the help most, the founders are there for you, from business ideas to an emotional boost.”

“The trust among the founders at the program creates an amazing bond and gives you resources you truly need in this hard and fast and furious startup journey.”

“It’s lonely being a founder….you can’t really tell your advisors, your investors or co-founders about what keeps you up all night. but here, you can share and this keeps me going”

“I came in to grow my company, but I came out growing myself as a leader”

“Truly experienced the power of community and collaboration.”

“I got clarity for my business…like getting a mental floss every week!”

“Inspiring place to come…and I leave with confidence for tomorrow; realizing I can build a billion $ platform company.”

“I came in with lots of worry and feeling overwhelmed, but I always left with high-energy, super motivated, and couldn’t wait to get back to build my company and change the world!”

Circle of Networks:

Goldenseeds, Springboards, Astia, Artiman Ventures, Sunbridge Ventures, DFJ, Draper University, Keiretsu, Portfolia, Wasabi Ventures, Trinity Ventures, Citi Ventures, IBM Ventures, Google for Entrepreneurs, Charles River Ventures

Advisors:  Fran Maier (Co-Founder,, Bill Joos (Co-Founder, Garage Ventures) , Mari Baker (Baby Center), Katherine Glassey (Founder, Brio Technology), Lisa Solomon (Innovation Strategist), Trish Costello (Founder, Kauffman Fellows/Portfolia), Bill Reichert (Managing Director, Garage Ventures), Janet Crawford (Cascadance) , Gwen Edwards (Golden Seeds), Susan Lucas-Conwell (Global CEO, Great Place to Work®), Tim Wilson (VC, Artiman) and many more…

Startup Support Service and Mentoring by:   Salesforce, Accenture, IBM’s Softlyer, AT&T Hackethon, Pivital Lab Technical Mentoring, RedClay for Startup Design Package, Pitch Burner, Eastwick for Media and PR service.


Questions, Contact us: