About Us

Women’s Startup Lab is an investment company:
We invest in founder, startup, eco-system and fund.

Our manifesto is to see women create and lead venture-backed opportunities that influence the world. We are a group of influencers committed to creating a powerful, supportive ecosystem that advances opportunities for the female entrepreneur. She will succeed no matter what obstacles may stand in her way.

Through our immersive, intensive, transformative programs, female founders form meaningful relationships and tap into powerful resources. These startups accelerate their success through the power of Silicon Valley.

Our innovative programs are grounded in the combination of personal transformational work + startup workshop program. Transformational coaching is an important part of our founders’ growth breakthrough. Our programs are designed based on the science of human behavior, sociology and psychology, backed by data on women’s studies.

We believe true innovation should be created by ethical, conscientious and globally-minded leaders who impact humankind in a positive way through technology. Women are a key part of creating and leading this positive change.

Our Philosophy

Building great founders with the power of HITO.

Two people leaning on each other make up the symbol of HITO, which means "human" in Japanese. At WSLab, HITO is about people supporting and holding each other accountable for extraordinary results. Our version of Hitology effects change globally through women leaders and the people who support their success. Together we bring about culture change.

Our Impact Team

  • Ari Horie

    Founder & CEO

    “This work has to be done!”

  • Heather Wilds

    Special Project Manage

    “It’s important for me”

  • Chris Yeh

    General Partner, WS Venture

    “Because it’s important work”

  • Lisa Jung

    Operation & Growth

  • Mamiko Suzuki

    Asia Specialist

    “I bring my whole self to WSLab, mom & career woman!”

  • Hans Philips

    Performance Consultant

    “I love WSLab! It's a magical place”

  • Kelly Tran

    Web Brand

    “I want to be part of the change”