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a group of influencers committed to advancing venture opportunities for female entrepreneurs to succeed. No matter what obstacles may stand in her way, nothing will stop her. And nothing will stop us from our mission to help women succeed. She’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.

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Together we rewrite the code for female entrepreneurial success.
Every startup journey is chaotic, messy, and hard.
Let’s create an amazing group of OUR OWN with a support network and advisors who are deeply invested in your success.
Immerse yourself with other bright women in startups and other people who have done it before.
Slingshot yourself far ahead in your path to success.
Sidestep costly, avoidable mistakes and make decisions with new level of confidence without feeling unsure and alone.

We believe that...

  • A founder focus is important part of startup’s success

  • Winning through collaboration, not just by competition

  • Startup advisors and peer community create breakthrough thinking & approach

  • Long-term support for founder’s success is important

  • Forming meaningful relationship with our residential program leads to high-impact connections and wisdom

  • Supporting women from as early as Ideation stage to Series A & B increase number of women leaders

There's so much stacked against you as an entrepreneur, why wouldn’t you have people with you who have done it and truly care to see you succeed.

-- Ari Horie, Founder & CEO at Womens’ Startup Lab.


Founder Focus to Startup Success

WSL’s famous one-year program begins with a 2-week live-in accelerator immersion in the heart of Silicon Valley.

This program delivers CEO coaching, 120 hours of startup evaluation & strategy session with personal attentions: acquiring knowledge and building your funding strategy, creating & manage leads, built SV Pitch, on-going intro and network throughout immersive 2 weeks live-in program.
Together with other female founders you will build an intimate support group, gain access to a network in Silicon Valley that leads to funding, and join a lifelong startup community.

How it Works & Why It’s Important

This is a Tuition based program of $10K, providing a year-long program in Silicon Valley with 30 days living accommodation and food (14 days of which are part of the $85K value program) . We are able to keep our low price through the support of our amazing influencers and sponsors who want to see you succeed. Investment opportunities come after the program, once you have been evaluated and you have been seen to thrive as well as form relationships with those who come to WSLab to meet with you as Mentors, instructors and guests.

April 2017

2 weeks

CEO & Startup Accelerator

April 23 - May 6 Apply

September 2017

2 weeks

CEO & Startup Accelerator

Sept 17-30 Apply

March & October 2017

3 days (Invititation-only)

CEO Coaching & Network Intensive

"See more dates" Waiting List


Our 3-Day Immersion Programs are residential, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s an exciting, intense, and fun experience to be among other bright women who are pursuing a startup venture, just like you. We review applications to select the most talented women that we feel are the best fit for our program. Women’s Startup Lab offers the perfect environment to focus, connect, and collaborate. Research shows complete immersion allows for breakthroughs, design thinking, and innovation. With your peers, we bring the network and the experts to you for 3 full days of experts, coaches, and advisors working with you and your ideas, strategy, your challenges and growth opportunities. You’ll leave with the pitch, knowledge, plan, and network with new level of confidence to lead.

  • Start Your Startup

    Feb 21-24

  • Traction & Growth

    Mar 19-22

  • Funding Prep

    Feb 15-18

  • Taste of WSLab

    1 evening (Free) + 1 Night ($120)
    Feb 9 - Mar 3



Join our intimate startup events with the best and the brightest of Silicon Valley who share practical advice to implement tomorrow. Our How-To session is popular and also past speakers are impressive too, such as Guy Kawasaki, Tim Draper, and Gina Bianchini. Please look forward to access connection and wisdom and get involve at WSLab!

  • CEO Coaching

    Weekly mental flossing
    2nd/4th Tue, 9am

  • How-To Session

    Learn & Execute tomorrow!
    Mar 9 - Apr 20, 1-2pm

  • WINE & VCs

    Mar 23, 6pm

    Waiting List
  • Big Talk

    Speaker Series
    2nd/4th Tue, 10am

  • Founder Cook Up

    Eat well & Have Fun!
    Feb 14 - Mar 8, 6pm

  • Salon

    Exclusive evening with Influencers
    Feb 23 - Mar 15, 6pm

    Waiting list
  • Mastermind Day

    Peer to Peer founders’ problem solving day
    Every Tuesday 9-6:30

  • Advisor Office Hour

    Access to All & Co-Working, Member Only
    $350 / month


I was very hesitant to join the program due to time, travel, and cost but I’m grateful I took the journey. The small size of the cohort is important. I liked that we were living together as I increased our connection and friendship. I loved the personalisation of the WSLab, for our needs and interest.

-- Chloe Chick, WSLab Alum

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Meet Your Champions

Tap into our network of industry influencers, advisors, and mentors.

Here is the the group of influencers and investors who are committed to see you thrive and get the most out of your time at Women’s Startup Lab.

  • Mari Baker

    Former President at BabyCenter, EIR at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Senior VP at Intuit

    “We need WSLab to create big culture shift.”

  • Fran Maier

    Co-founder at Match.com & TRUSTe

    “Women make great entrepreneurs but sometimes need an extra boost of encouragement and confidence. WSL gives its women that and more - a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and advisors for continued success.”

  • Chris Yeh

    Former CEO, Ustream, Startup Education, Wasabi Ventures, Instructor at Stanford University

    “It’s important and believe in this.”

  • Bill Reichert

    Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures

    “Seen magic here over and over with founders. Amazing!”

  • Bill Joos

    Entrepreneur, Team Development Specialist at Strayer Consulting Group

    “Love working with smart, ambitious women at WSLab.”

  • Joff Redfern

    VP of Product at LinkedIn

    “Working at LinkedIn, I know connection is EVERYTHING.”

  • Alex Cowan

    Serial Founder, VC at Synapse Partners

    “I supported WSLab from the beginning, right thing to do”

  • Debra Beresini

    Angel Investor, Board member of AGIS Networks at Hawaii BiotechF

    “It’s unique place supporting women entrepreneur as an individual.”

  • David Bland

    Founder & CEO at PRECOIL

    “Something special about this place, i’ve seen the transformation!”

  • Steve Fram

    Founder and CTO at Caring, Inc.

    “I enjoy mentoring amazing female founders”

  • Maya Bisineer

    VP of Product, SheKnows Media at 500 Alumn

    “I’m in this with WSLab, critical change we need to make”

  • Bill Tobin

    Entrepreneur, Team Development Specialist at Kauffman Fellow

    “Dynamic organization for Change, happy to be involved! ”

  • David Hopkins

    Advisor to Early Stage Ventures and Angel Investor

    “WSLab is leading a revolution by helping founders to be great business people.”

  • Adam Quinton

    Founder & CEO at Lucas Point Ventures

    “Investing in women generates higher returns: that’s a smarter investment!”

  • Ian McFarland

    Founder & Chairman at Neo Innovation, Inc; CTO at Digital Garage

    “Worked with many awesome female founders, no brainer not to be in this.”

  • Saijyou Hiroshi

    CEO at Yamaha Motor Ventures

    “It’s impressive to have all people supporting and caring!”

  • Richard Dasher

    Venture Advisor, Professor at Stanford University

    “Watched WsLab grow and 100% in on their mission.”

  • Allen Miner

    Chairman and Group CEO of SunBridge, Inc; Former President at Oracle Japan

    “For my daughter, this is important work!”

It was impressive to get such a dynamic group of speakers and see everyone’s perspective. It was eye opening!!

-- Esther Bobb

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Our work and CEO Ari Horie have been recognized globally for advancing women’s leadership in the high-tech startup world.

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