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Our Mission: What is Women’s Startup Lab?

Our Mission

Women’s Startup Lab is a founder development accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley whose mission is to catalyze women-run startups and guide them to victory through powerful leadership training, an influential network of coaches and advisors, and the ongoing (lifelong!) support of a community of founder alums.

Our Values

We believe a startup’s success starts with the founder.

We believe in accelerating people, not products only.

We believe in winning through collaboration, not only by competition.

We believe well-trained, well-supported, and networked founders accelerate faster.

We believe in having fun. (Mo-Hitos anyone?!)

We believe women are born leaders and the world needs more of them, damn it.

Two people leaning on each other make up the symbol of HITO, which means "human" in Japanese. At WSLab, HITO is about people supporting and holding each other accountable for extra-ordinary results - our version of "hitology".

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Women’s Startup Lab Programs

Learn more about our immersive, tuition-based founder development accelerator programs based in Silicon Valley.

Immersive Founder Program

Apply today for our Immersive Female Founder Program, a 2-week, tuition-based training program with residency in Silicon Valley, a year of learning essential skills for success, and a lifelong connection to a community of start-up founders, mentors, and investors.

Start Date: 7/24 - 8/7

9/11 - 9/25


Global Startups Co-Ed Program

Experience the heart of the Silicon Valley eco-system, meeting and learning from many game-changing experts. We offer a two-week Global X and Japan X residential program designed to immerse innovative international founders to Silicon Valley. Apply today to our founder-focused accelerator.

Start Date: 7/24 - 8/7


Success Stories: WSLab Alumni

"The BEST THING that has ever happened to me during my entrepreneurial journey"

Lauren Koenig

Founder, CEO of Twip

WSLab, Summer 2015 Cohort

wslab alumni and success

See what other WSL Alumni has to say about their experiences

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Building great founders with the power of hito.

Two people leaning on each other make up the symbol of HITO, which means "human" in Japanese. At WSLab, HITO is about people supporting and holding each other accountable for extra-ordinary results - our version of "hitology".

It’s about you:

We are a startup founder accelerator
A collaboratory for women who want to be a leader and develop their inner entrepreneur strength and knowledge with peer founders and powerful network of supportive mentors and advisors.

Startup Accelerator

Immerse yourself in Silicon Valley, CA for our two week or two month accelerator!

Two Week Intensive

For startups with: Traction (Revenue & Customers)
A Highly Innovative Idea (MVP Stage)

Our two week program focuses on powerful customer discovery to inform decision making, leadership development to increase effectiveness and compelling story telling to achieve enrollment around the company vision. We immerse founders in Silicon Valley startup site visits, coaching sessions, workshops, and pitch reviews that are designed to increase the speed of experimentation and understanding of the path to product market fit. The program is differentiated for both early and advanced companies and tuition includes access to six months of resources after the accelerator.

Upcoming Date: Apply now for our July Program (July 24 - August 7)

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Two Months Immersion

+ Investor Pitch Day Event

For startups with: Traction (Revenue & Customers)

Our two month program affords time for founders to innovate their ventures under the guidance of coaches, develop a network in Silicon Valley to support their company, and to explore longer term relationships with advisors. Like in the two week program, our focus is founder development around customer discovery, leadership development and effective story telling, however the two month program focuses on applying understandings to the venture, targets more advanced founders and includes introductions to investors. Founders look at data with coaches and advisors to guide decision making, assess high value channels, participate in pitch training, and benefit from the transformative leadership coaching that catalyzes powerfully collaborative teams. The program ends with founders presenting their ventures at an investor Pitch Day event.

Apply Now for Next Program - Scheduled When Best Candidates Are Selected

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Awards and Press

A selection of WSLab media coverage.

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